Scientific activity is one part of the Tridharma Perguruan Tinggi (Three Principles of Higher Education) that must be met in the effort toward the development of science and technology in various fields. To realize one of the responsibilities (dharma) of Tridharma College in science and technology, in the year of 2018, Almuslim University will hold an International Conference in Science, Technology and Society  with the official theme “The 2nd International Conference on Science, Technology, and Society (ICSTS): The Challenge of Food Security in Globalization Era (Tantangan Ketahanan Pangan di Era Globalisasi). AICSTS conference has been established as regular scientific activity held by  Almuslim University, in which AICSTS 2018 will be the second conference held.

Theme of this year’s conference will be focused on the field of Science and the main focus is Food Security. The expected outcome of the conference activities are as medium for exchange of information on various fields of science that support the food security in Indonesia; the establishment of cooperation between scientists who work in various fields of science, utilization of science and technology for the progress of Indonesian poeple  in the field related to food security; and cooperation between various elements in society (academics, government, NGOs, etc.).

The Purpose of Conference

The general purpose of this conference is to increase the interest and enthusiasm of lecturers, students, NGO members to conduct research and scientific activities in various fields of science related to food security
In particular, this International Conference aims to see the development of science and technology from a global perspective, especially in the implementation of which can help improve agricultural productivity, livestock, the quality of education, health and other fields.

Benefits of the Conference

The benefits of organizing this conference are the dissemination of research results related to the field of food security science; the establishment of national and international cooperations.



This scientific conference was proposed by the Institute of Research and Community Service (LPPM) of Almuslim University as a manifestation of the work program of LPPM of Almuslim University.
Invited speakers who will be invited as speakers in this scientific conference is. A confirmation confirmation letter is available in Appendix ?.
Participants from this scientific conference are expected to come from the countries of Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Germany, Australia.
Papers presented at this conference will be published in reputable international journals and accredited national journals. Journal name and proof of cooperation are shown in Appendix ?.

Reception and Articles Selection Systems

The papers to be presented in this international conference are made in the prescribed format (Attachment). Papers submitted via the on-line system on the conference website. The committee will then select the suitability of submitted papers with the format. The submitted paper will then be assessed by a team of experts from the University of North Sumatra. Paper that has been assessed will be announced to the speakers, for the creation of a full article.

Implementation of the Conference

The conference activity is planned to be held on 22-23 October 2018 at Almuslim University, Bireuen, Aceh.